Daniel Pappas

Performer, Composer, Arranger and Wedding Professional

Spencer wedding - Dove Canyon (2015)

Create the perfect wedding music...one song at a time

Weddings are one of my favorite occasions to play for. I believe the music selection is one of the most important parts of the whole experience. The ceremony begins with a peaceful, romantic prelude. The bridal party's entrance is cued by a musical change. Finally, after a brief pause, the bride walks down to her favorite wedding song, and everyone in attendance is speechless. The perfect ceremony begins with the perfect music, and I believe the piano delivers the ultimate sound to set the right mood. It is always my number one goal to make a lasting impression. At the same time, I play with such delicate touch that the music blends in seamlessly with the order of procession. In the end, I want every client to feel like they received the best music they could ask for. My classical background, 15 years of wedding experience, and keenness for dressing up in black and white make me an ideal choice for a live music vendor. Colorful interpretations of each song prepare guests for the special moments weddings are known for. Each part of the ceremony will connect effortlessly with subtle, smooth transitions. I will present a polished performance from start to finish. Most importantly, the music will not only be beautiful, it will be handpicked to your taste. I have a large repertoire list, as well as the ability to learn music by ear. This gives you the freedom to select any songs you desire. Some clients ask about hiring more than just a soloist. Not a problem, I also work with several vocalists and a few instrumental groups. If you are looking for a singer & pianist duo, string ensemble, piano & guitar, or a small band, I can put together the right package to meet your needs. As a courtesy to southern California local clients, I offer a face-to-face consultation at no charge. If you live out of the area, I am happy to consult via FaceTime or Skype.  This ensures you are fully satisfied with everything: the quality of my playing, the song selection, and every last detail leading up to the wedding day. Contact me today, and let's start building your playlist!


Enjoy a variety of popular songs arranged for the solo piano...

Mission Statement

As a performer, I strive to create the right landscape for each occasion. I want all of my clients to be 100% satisfied with the music presented at their event. As a recording artist and producer, everybody who makes a purchase from my store is extremely valuable to me. I want all of my customers to be happy with their purchase(s). As a studio player, my goal is to be flexible and listen to the direction of the project manager and collaborating artists. As the administrator of this site, I ask that if you feel prompted, send me any feedback, positive or suggesting improvement. The piano is a wonderful instrument with a rich history; it is my goal to showcase and utilize its range in my arrangements of modern, Western music.

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